Yonaguni-manmade megalithic structure under Pacifi

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All the researchers I have read about who examined it, stated that it is definite that at least parts of it are manmade. And it's massive

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newbielink:http://www.grahamhancock.com/gallery/underwater/yonaguni.htm [nonactive]

Big enough to swim through

"It was obviously made, and used, in the distant past when the area was last above sea-level, "

Carved giant turtle image

Sphinx type carving?

" Around Yonaguni-jima there are a large number of stones, both above and below sea-level, which show clear evidence of 'wedge-marks' having been cut into the surfaces ready for splitting. Near the 'Tategami-iwa', there is a square-shaped megalith measuring more than 30 feet, and this is called 'Sekihi-iwa'."

similar to some above water sites


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Re: Yonaguni-manmade megalithic structure under Pacifi
« Reply #1 on: 28/06/2005 12:20:11 »
Some questions.

1) How far from the current coast is this site?
2) Are there any documents which try to explain it? Any historical records of how it sank (if it sank)?
3) Is it helpful to invoke the name of Von Danniken?

R A Beldin,
Improbable Statistician
R A Beldin,
Improbable Statistician