i have a question about mixing energy

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i have a question about mixing energy
« on: 05/05/2009 22:03:17 »
Dear members

I am busy  doing a work with water treatment.. i am adding some chemicals for coagulation and flocculation but the thing is i am not getting a very good flocculation ( i am getting a poor flocculation at the moment ) so i was thinking of making some modification ( contact time ) to all the flocs some more time to form.. in order to achieve that i am planning of adding a Spiral hose pipe of a specific lenght...

My questions are:

1- I heard of the mixing energy (G) in the spiral pipe... How can i calculate it ?

2- How should i know which value of G that will give me a good flocculation ?

3- Is there any formula of calculation the G at a spiral pipe ?

4- How should i know the diameter and the length of the spiral pipe i must use

I really was looking for some infromation from the internet but i could not get anything useful yet and that is why i decided to email you my questions.

So please if you are able to answer me please do

I am looking forward to hear from you



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i have a question about mixing energy
« Reply #1 on: 20/06/2009 07:26:46 »
I have no idea, but if the object is to react contaminents so as to become an insoluble precipitate for subsequent removal, mechanical mixing (possibly using spray nozzles) followed by sedimentation in a separate tank would seem more effective. Maybe you will have to resolve the question by experiment.