Discuss: Clean Water and Alien Invasions

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Discuss: Clean Water and Alien Invasions
« on: 08/05/2009 17:55:36 »
This week, we're diving into the science of clean water, finding out why rivers and ponds are essential for wildlife, and how alien invaders are colonising our waterways.  Plus, how a diet of glycerol makes yeast live longer, how microbes in mosquitoes can block malaria and how planting trees could reduce your electricity bills.  We hear about the European Space Agency's Planck and Herschel missions to study the formation of galaxies and the fate of the universe, and in Kitchen Science, we explore the carbonated chemistry of fizzy water!
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Amy Rothstein

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I used to use fizzy water to calm excess acid!
« Reply #1 on: 19/05/2009 23:30:03 »
Amy Rothstein asked the Naked Scientists:
Plain carbonated water is acidic? I have been trying to calm an overly acidic stomach with acid water?? Wow. That explains it. I use it to...um...allow a bit of gas to escape.

I love your shows, thanks.
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