What is in "Synthetic Dacron Microfiber" used for Aortic Grafting repair?

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I am getting ready to have my whole Aorta replaced with this synthetic microfiber.....can you tell me a bit about it...how it is made and what is it made from?

I understand it  a newer material...What makes it so suitable for this purpose....? Can it cause a problem down the line after being inside my body so long... disenigration and all?

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So when are you getting this done?
Btw, I have no idea what it is.


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Dacron is one of the many trade names for polyethylene terphthalate (PET).
The "microfibre" bit just means that it's in really thin threads.
The PET polymers are fairly inert and very strong.
I have no doubt that they will have been well and truly tested before being put into people. The manufacturers don't want to get sued for damages.
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