Why have I got pubic-like hair growing on my head?

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Here's something I can't seem to find an answer to: why are black, thick curly strands of genital-looking hair growing on my scalp?

I noticed this start to happen when I turned 39 (I'm 41 now).  My scalp hair has always been slightly wavy, med-light brown in color and of normal fineness/thickness.  A couple year ago, I noticed when shampooing my scalp that the hair felt wire-like and coarse and lacking moisture.  I later noticed that thick, black, glossy hairs were mixing with my brown hair and it looked odd.  I noticed it more around my sideburns and top of the head.  Now it's growing everywhere.  They're easy to spot because they tend to curl and grow faster than my normal hair, so the tips stand out (picture a kitten with its hair all standing on end). Also, the glossy, black hairs are elastic-like...almost like fishing line.  They are very strong.  When my hair's wet, I can really feel how plasticky they are because they don't seem to absorb any water, so my hand "drags" on them.  A very odd sensation, especially since my hair has always been soft and oily. I wonder if those ugly things are all I'll have left in 20-30 years.  Maybe they're the dihydrotestosterone-resistent ones.

Anyway, I noticed that it's getting worse.  It reminds me of The Fly, where Goldblum had really thick, black hair growing out of his back.  I keep plucking the suckers, but they keep coming back.  I also noticed that my leg hair has gotten dry and very fine, and sticks out straight, unless wet (again, picture a kitten).

My thought is that my brain is getting confused with age and forgetting what hair is supposed to grow where on my body.  Luckily, I still have a full head of hair, but the coarseness and texture of it make it harder to style without using gel.  I'm getting some gray hairs which I also pluck.  I wonder if those coarse, black hairs are beginning to create the traditional "salt and pepper" look.  I just know I don't like it.

Any ideas as to what's causing it?  Thanks.
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Re: Why have I got pubic-like hair growing on my head?
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An underactive thyroid gland ("Hypothyroidism") can cause coarse dry hair and/or hair loss.
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