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« on: 23/05/2009 10:07:40 »
Honor is an interesting thing, we all fight virulently to protect our own.  In the countries of Japan and South Korea a person's honor is everything.  Former South Korean Prime Minister Roh Moo-hyun was very passionate about urging Japan to reconcile the "Comfort women" situation and their families, many of which live in South Korea.  What Roh Moo-hyun really would settle for is to have the Government of Japan rethink and rewrite the state's-approved history textbooks that are used in classrooms throughout Japan.  These books state that the Japanese liberated Asia from white people ((by slaughtering and imprisoning millions of Asian people.)) 
So... it was that situation and the no successes in getting the totalitarian North Koreans to stop killing it's people.   Also, Roh Moo-hyun was found guilty of accepting a bribe.  His honor, he had decided, was violated.  He jumped into a ravine, killing himself.