Is the Universe Euclidean or Einsteinium ?

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Is the Universe Euclidean or Einsteinium ?
« on: 31/05/2009 15:10:48 »
Is the Universe Euclidean or Einsteinium ?

In general the Universe is flat space.
The masses in the Universe are very few.
The distances between stars are very far.
What this means is that if you go into space far from massive bodies
 and locate three ships far apart in a giant triangle, the angles of the
 triangle will add up to 180 degrees, just as Euclid states in plane geometry.
But Einstein ( GRT ) and others thought that the Universe was circle space.

Is the Universe ( as whole ) cold flat Euclidean space
 or cold Einsteinium circle space ?
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Is the Universe Euclidean or Einsteinium ?
« Reply #1 on: 31/05/2009 15:44:51 »
I suspect that the universe is flat; space and time are invariant. There is lots of evidence that this is so. There is no evidence that it is not so. Flat space-time is necessary for relativity phenomena to exist. Einstein discovered that it is impossible to develop a consistent unification theory within a variable space-time concept.