Why are calculated and measured values of E&E experiment always different?

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In this experiment we are required to use only:
- voltage & current power supply
- resistors
- breadboard
- connecting wires
- Digital Multimeter

This experiment is to verify Kirchoff's Voltage and Current Law.

The question here is, what are the probable causes of discrepancy between calculated and measured values in the experiment?

Here is my guess:
Inaccuracy or DMM? What Causes the inaccuracy?
Temperature? Does it cause such effect with just small temp. changes?
Or other causes please state it for me..



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Measuring devices are usually pretty close these days. I would look at the resistance values. They could be off by 20% sometimes. The best way is to measure everything before assembling the circuit, then take the readings. When you get everything right, measurements will be as calculated.



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What's that - pardon my ignorance.