What is giberellin?

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What is giberellin?
« on: 10/06/2009 11:30:05 »
marel oliver  asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear Naked Scientist

I am from Kochi ,India.Finished school. Love your podcast. Gives me company when  i study till 1 am. my question is
Q) What happens to a flower when you give Gibberellin to it ?

I ask this question because i learnt that a flower is something like a stem with nodes and inter nodes ( very small) and also Gibberellin induces the growth of the inter nodes. So what happens to a flower when I give gibberelin?

Perhaps all the 4 whorls separate (if they are not attached to each other like epipetalous etc).

What do you think?


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What is giberellin?
« Reply #1 on: 11/06/2009 08:34:52 »
This will depend on the plant species and the particular gibberellin.

I do not pretend to understand anything about these hormones, but they can cause bolting in some flowering plants, stem elongation, and seedless fruit.

Take a look at this site http://www.plant-hormones.info/index.htm and click on the gibberellins link.
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