Plant Evolution

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Plant Evolution
« on: 23/07/2005 15:58:34 »
Are there any books on Plant Evolution?  For mammalian evolution there is The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life.  Anything like that for plants?

Thank you


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Re: Plant Evolution
« Reply #1 on: 25/07/2005 07:49:56 »

Check out Mendelism in a search engine.

Batterson, W (1913)  Mendel's Princiles of Heredity. Cambridge.

Biffen, R.H. (1905)  "Mendel's Laws of Inheritance and Wheat Breeding" Journal of Agricultural Society, i 4-48
Johansen, W. (1909) Elelemente Der Exacten Erblichketitlsehre,
Jena. Le Couteeur, J. 1836 On the Varieties Properties and Classification of Wheat, Jersey
Punnet, R.C. (1927, 7th Ed.) Mendelism. London.
Roberts, H.F. (1929,) Plant Hybridization before Mendel, Princetown, Various papers on identical twins in Journal of Heredity

A Book which I have on this subject  Heredity and Evolution, by Ernest Watkins M.A. University in Genetics and Cytology, Cambridge, Published by John Murray, Albenarle Street, W.  (First Edition)     1935

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Re: Plant Evolution
« Reply #2 on: 01/08/2005 13:25:06 »
I have read several books on the evolution of plants.  Type "plant evolution" into and you'll see quite a few.  The best one, in my opinion, is The Evolutionary Biology of Plants by Karl Niklas.  If you have more than a passing interest in evolution, I highly recommend this book (although it may be a bit too technical for those with only a casual interest).