How do rates of erythropoiesis compare between mammal species?

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Does anyone know of any good source material for comparison of erythropoiesis rates in mammals?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Erythropoiesis is accelerated when red blood cells(rbc) are eliminated faster, depending on their size(microcytes) and shape(elliptical). Erythropietin(EPO) is the major stimulating cytokine in most mammals.  When the rbc turnover is faster, a high percentage of young rbc(still nucleated) are visible in peripheral blood.
Here you find an interesting chapter from:
"Essentials of veterinary hematology" 1993, by Nemi Chand Jain.

Information about EPO and its accurate control on rbc production is easily available on the Web. This a good start as a review article:


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