Why Does Eating Hot Food (Chillis) Make My Eyes Water ?

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Dearest Chilliologists,

As a sheepy I'm afraid to say that in some countries I am actually served up with chilli sauce ! fortunately here in the UK and rest of the modern world it's frowned upon !...which is nice !

Look..here are some chilli's in all their hotty splendour !


Nice eh ? Being inserted into one of my neighbours orifices next Tuesday for some form of empirical study !

So please tell me why when I eat some hot food, why do my eyes water ?..the food is in my mouth bot poked in my eye !

A peck on the nose to whomever helps me here, because..I want to know !...and I like knowing things that I do not !

hugs & shmishes

mwah mwah !

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Why Does Eating Hot Food (Chillis) Make My Eyes Water ?
« Reply #1 on: 16/06/2009 06:47:47 »
Well for me when something hurts bad...I cry!
When something in my mouth is too spicy hot I cry my nose runs and I start to sweat!  but the tears are different..it is more or less the fumes coming from my mouth and nose wafting up into my eyes tending to make me think its become an eye irritant as in a chemical burn by the time it reaches that area and it forces the eyes to water in attempt to wash away the chemical attacker.. crying of tears are a defence mechanism your body uses to protect the eye and wash away the enemy atacker!  Like dirt, sand, or tear gas etc! lol... Chili peppers make excellent tear gas in my mouth!

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