If I Crack a Window, How fast Does The Crack Move ?

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Hi Peeps,

Nice day eh ?..we had a thunder storm with some dramatic lightning last night !..what about ewe ?

As a sheepy I have learned to not throw stones in greenhouses else this will happen !


tch tch tch !!

That's some nasty cracks right there....

How fast does a crack in a window travel ? Why do some cracks spread out like the one above and others just form a single crack ? What determines why the crack should stop where it does ?

I'm a little pensive because I think I might have asked this before but a search of the site does not reveal it !


I'm off to have some cheese and crackers !!

hugs & shmishes

mwah mwah mwah !!

When I Run On The Treadmill , I Get A Sweaty Crack !

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If I Crack a Window, How fast Does The Crack Move ?
« Reply #1 on: 16/06/2009 16:56:21 »
'Twas indeed a tad on the moist side yesterday.

Being north of the river, you must have had that hail storm just after I did. The poor tortoises were a bit frightened by the clatter of hail on their outdoor bedroom. So was the Mrs. I really must stop her going into the tortoises bedroom at night!

Oh! BTW, I have no idea how fast a crack travels.
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