What is causing my pain post-surgery?

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Leslie Skinner

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What is causing my pain post-surgery?
« on: 21/06/2009 15:30:02 »
Leslie Skinner  asked the Naked Scientists:
Could you please direct me to some one who could answer my question.

I have had nose pain outside and around the nose since having surgery for skin cancer. The doctor did a forehead flap to recover the nose.

Since then I have had severe pain and hardness around the flap. I also fell and got some debris in it. I would like to know which test  would be better to check for any thing that could be causing the pain - it is unbearable at times.

Thank you,

Leslie Skinner

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Offline carreerslut

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What is causing my pain post-surgery?
« Reply #1 on: 28/06/2009 11:42:54 »
Hi, I'll be honest and say the forehad flap thing is something outside my scope of understanding but two things spring to mind re the pain.  First it it regrettably part of the healing process, without inflammation damaged tissue cannot hill and inflammation causes pain.  NSAIDs if you can take them, combined with even some mild or full strength opiates if they are insufficient, could help during this healing phase.  Once the scar tissue has settled so should the pain.
The other more concerning cause could be infection.  If you have 'debris' in a wound this is a pathway for dirt and bacteria to get in.  You really need to get back to the hospital and get the areal thoroughly cleaned out and disinfected.  If you start to feel unwell and your temperature raises then you must immediately inform them, this could be the start of a blood infection at the worst, or a localized infection which will affect your recovery at the least.  You will need antibiotics. 
Nip this one in the bud and get the wound cleaned out.  Then if given the all clear it is just a case of using pain relief and waiting for the wound to heal.  It will eventually, that you can be sure of.
Best of luck