need help with metals and gems

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need help with metals and gems
« on: 22/06/2009 21:16:25 »
   i need to know how to: mould a hollow quartz crystal ball/box, itll have a lid; cut/drill diamonds, garnets, pearls, magnetic hematite, & glass. & im wondering where i should look to hire people to consult with about such things-i know im doing that right now- but id like to be able to ask some questions with a little more detail to a theory of mine- 'cept i dont know what im talkin' about. yep thats basically it, and thanks.                                     -mickey


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need help with metals and gems
« Reply #1 on: 22/06/2009 22:56:08 »
The dust produced when drilling & grinding some minerals can cause serious lung disease.

What are the main health hazards associated with breathing in quartz silica?

In general, high concentrations of dust may cause coughing and mild, temporary irritation following a short-term exposure. There is no human or animal information available specifically for quartz. Quartz can have potentially serious respiratory effects following long-term inhalation (one year or more).
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