Memory Sticks and digital photo frames

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Memory Sticks and digital photo frames
« on: 25/06/2009 23:20:26 »
Hi, my 1GB Sandisk memory card from my camera works fine in my Viewsonic 3.5" digital photo frame but I need that memory card for my camera.  I went out and bought a 4GB Sandisk memory stick PRO duo which is quite a bit smaller in size than my camera's memory card and copied my selected photos onto it from my laptop.  The photo frame reads the pictures from the MS and displays them as thumbprints and will even let me select one for viewing, however it won't display them as a slideshow like it's supposed to and the frame keeps "freezing up".  Although the new MS goes into the memory card slot, it's not a great fit as the new 4GB memory card is quite small.  Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions on this?  Thanks!


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Memory Sticks and digital photo frames
« Reply #1 on: 26/06/2009 02:27:08 »
The format [SD card] has proven to be very popular. A change in the established format, however, while allowing capacities greater than 4 GB (SDHC), has created compatibility issues with older devices that cannot read the new format. The fact that SDHC format cards have the same physical shape and form factor as the older format has caused considerable confusion for consumers.[1][2] SDHC cards require SDHC-capable device firmware generally not found with older devices.

There are also different sizes of SD card...

but trying to insert the wrong size wouldn't work at all (without an adapter).
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Memory Sticks and digital photo frames
« Reply #2 on: 05/08/2009 17:18:02 »
Is the SanDisk Memory card from your camera an SD card, a MemoryStick or a Compact flash card? There are a number of competing standards of flash memory, and although many consumer devices have ports that will work with a number of these formats there may be issues due to the differing types of controller within the different formats.

If both memory cards are the MemoryStick (which is a proprietary Sony format) then what works with one, should work with the other (albeit smaller and higher capacity) memory card. If one is an SD card then the frame may not handle MemoryStick cards terribly well. If Both happen to be SD cards, then the higher capacity card must be an SDHC card which is a revision to the SD standard, the picture fram may not support SDHC format cards either.

In either case I would expect a firmware upgrade of the picture frame to fix the issue if one is available.