Are we all neurotic?

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Are we all neurotic?
« on: 05/07/2009 22:53:20 »
Are we all neurotic?

My reading tells me that we are all neurotic and some of us are so neurotic that we cannot function satisfactorily in normal society and are then considered to be mentally ill.

All humans repress aspects of their life that might cause anxiety.  This repression is called neurosis.  It is the constant conflict wherein the ego constantly struggles to hold down thoughts that will cause anxiety.  Freud discovered the unconscious in life and there exists a constant conflict between the unconscious and the ego.  The ego keeps that in the unconscious that can cause anxiety from becoming conscious.

Humans are the only species to be self conscious.  We dread death and repress that dread because we cannot live with a constant consciousness of our mortality.

Conflict is the essential characteristic of humanness.

Regression to animal existence is one answer to the quest to transcend separateness.  Wo/man can try to eliminate that which makes her human but also tortures her; s/he can discard reason and self-consciousness.  What is noteworthy here is that if everybody does it, it ain’t fiction; anything everyone does is reality, even if it is a virtual reality.  For most people, reason and reality is nothing more than public consensus.  “One never ‘loses one’s mind’ when nobody else’s mind differs from one’s own.”

Regression to our animal form of instinctual behavior happens when we replace our lost animal instincts with our own fully developed symbolic instincts; we can then program our self to uncritically follow these culturally formed instincts without further consideration.  We can then do like the elephant parade; we hold the tail of the one in front of us with our trunk and march in file without any other thoughts to disturb our tranquility.

“The great characteristic of our time is that we know everything important about human nature that there is to know.  Yet never has there been an age in which so little knowledge is securely possessed, so little a part of common understanding.  The reason is precisely the advance of specialization, the impossibility of making safe general statements, which has led to a general imbecility.”

The steel worker on the girder
learned not to look down, and does his work
And there are words we have learned
Not to look at,
Not to look for substance
Below them. But we are on the verge
Of vertigo.
George Oppen

Norman Brown informs us that to comprehend Freud one must understand “repression”.  “In the new Freudian perspective, the essence of society is repression of the individual, the essence of the individual is repression of the self.”

Freud discovered the importance of repression when he discovered the meaning of the “mad” symptoms of the mentally deranged, plus the meaning of dreams, and thirdly the everyday happenings regarded as slips of the tongue, errors, and random thoughts.  He concludes that dreams, mental derangements, and common every day errors (Freudian slips) have meaningful causes that can be explained.  Meaningful is the key word here.

Since these psychic phenomena are unconscious we must accept that we have motivation to action with a purpose for which we are unconscious (involuntary purposes).  This inner nature of which we are completely unaware leads to Freud’s definition of psychoanalysis as “nothing more than the discovery of the unconscious in mental life.”

Freud discovered that sapiens have unconscious causes which are hidden from her because they are disowned and hidden by the conscious self.  The dynamic relationship between the unconscious and conscious life is a constant battle and psychoanalysis is a science of this mental conflict.

The rejection of an idea which is one’s very own and remains so is repression.  The essence of repression is in the fact that the individual refuses to recognize this reality of her very own nature.  This nature becomes evident when it erupts into consciousness only in dreams or neurotic symptoms or by slips of the tongue.

The unconscious is illuminated only when it is being repressed by the conscious mind.  It is a process of psychic conflict.  “We obtain our theory of the unconscious from the theory of repression.”  Freud’s hypothesis of the repressed unconscious results from the conclusion that it is common to all humans.  This is a phenomenon of everyday life; neurosis is common to all humans.

Quotes from Ernest Becker, Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction Denial of Death


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Are we all neurotic?
« Reply #1 on: 05/07/2009 23:28:54 »
I know one of us is !
Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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Are we all neurotic?
« Reply #2 on: 06/07/2009 03:21:23 »

"Humans are the only species to be self conscious.  We dread death and repress that dread because we cannot live with a constant consciousness of our mortality."

I do not agree with this.. I believe dogs shoe displays of self consciousness all the time... examples: My dog rooster would fart.. look over at me put his ears back and get this terribly selfconscious look on his face and very slowly rise and walk down the hall.. he would then return to me sit by my leg and await me.. I would say.. Oh rooster.. you is a stinky butt! he would look up at med and there was a definite awareness that he was consious of his own odor and embarrassed because he knew mommie would say oh dude!!! You smell like some dead crawed up your backside! Gag me with a spoon Roo!

I really think that self consciousness is a learned behavior because of peer pressure and societies reaction to certain behaviors etc.. even dogs are self conscious........after repeated teasing..I don't even have to do say anything he would do it while sleeping...wake himself up with gas and then sheepishly look around and sneak out!LOL..Nomally he would run everyone else out it  never bothered him..but as we fussed and teased him saying...Dude you stink...yuckkkk.. oh get out of here dude!..he started to be embarrassed after he tooted..LOL He was a great dog.. I miss him!!!!!!!

"Life is not measured by the number of Breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


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Are we all neurotic?
« Reply #3 on: 06/07/2009 10:08:06 »
"Are we all neurotic?"
Royal we?
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