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We seek the Science of Sight on this week's Naked Scientists, discovering how deep sea fish use clever bioluminescence and biological mirrors to cope with the darkness of the deep.  We hear how our brains choose what sights to pay attention to, and what a bees brain can teach us about how we see optical illusions.  Plus, salt-tolerant GM crops, statins stalled by sluggish blood and how the turtle got it's shell.  In Kitchen Science, we fool our eyes into seeing confusing colours...
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Sara Hollerich

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« Reply #1 on: 12/07/2009 18:36:18 »
I am a Peace Corps volunteer from America living in Senegal, Africa.  I wanted to let you know I love your shows.  Right now I am catching up on the previous podcasts.  In fact last week, while I was listening to your show, my energy efficient light bulb exploded in my room.  There wasn't any noticeable change in the electrical current, what could have caused this?


John Langer

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Why do "Thatcherised" faces look different?
« Reply #2 on: 21/07/2009 19:30:03 »
John Langer  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Dr. Chris, Dr. Helen, Dr. Kat, et al.,

I love the show!  

I'm a researcher in drug discovery, mainly in cancer research, just outside of Washington DC, in Maryland.  I stumbled upon the podcast while completing my Masters, and now I'm hooked.  I podcast from the US...and speaking of which, I've got a few questions about that phenomenon...firstly, can you explain why the "Thatcherized" and inverted face (w/ the lips and eyes right side up) doesn't produce the same "oh my gosh, what am I looking at" type of response as the "Thatcherized" face?  It's the same image, what does the inversion do, in terms of our perception of facial configuration, that makes it not so grotesque?  

Specifically, what do we/they/the naked scientists know about facial recognition that comes directly from the orientation of the eyes and lips...as they seem to be what make these images either grotesque or mundane.  

And, secondly, can you post the images of the "Thatcherized" Rhesus Macaques faces?  I think they'd be absolutely hiiiilllllllarious for us to view, and it would be interesting to see if we spend as much time looking at the "Thatcherized" Rhesus face as the human one!

Drs. Helen and Kat, your voices are so sultry!  I'd love to hear you talking about non-science topics in a pub...or even discussing your favourite kitchen science debacles!

Keep up the great show!  Wish I were part of it...

The very best regards,

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