Is it best to sip water constantly or to drink larger amounts infrequently?

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Keith Foxx

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Keith Foxx  asked the Naked Scientists:
It has become an obsession - the water bottle in the hand everywhere you go. That suggests "sipping" as opposed to a chug of a half litre or so every hour or as needed. Which has the most benefit to the body's requirement of 6 - 8 glasses per day?

Gibsons BC

P.S. I have listened since early 2008 - I may have missed a few but I enjoy the endless variety of subjects and heartily applaud your efforts.

What do you think?


Offline Pwee

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I don't think it really matters if you are not doing hard exercise or not in a desert or in the middle of the ocean with only 1 bottle.

Your body is a wonderful machine, it can deal perfectly with little sips and with 0,5 liter in a gulp as well.

On the other hand if you are short on water and start to dehydrate, it's a really interesting question, and I'd like to know the answer from some experts (like mountaineers or performace tour hikers).

(I know when I have a hangover it is better for me to dring little sips rahter then a whole cup of tea.)