Why do mosquitoes bite more than once in the same place?

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Glen Carlson

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Glen Carlson  asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear NS,

I have a question about bug bites. Mosquitoes love me, and why shouldn't they? I'm large warm and delicious. If I go out in the evening with friends I may get 3 or 4 bites, to usually none on my friends. Hardly seems fair. These bites are usually in random locations and rarely in clusters. My wife on the other hand occasionally gets similar bites but instead of being spread out they are in small clusters. 3 to 5 bites in an area the size of a silver dollar. She believes these to be spider bites. As far as I know spider bites are fairly rare and would probably not be the culprits. I suspected fleas, however we've never seen any.

I've heard that Mosquitoes usually draw blood from one spot and then bugger off and I cant imagine several skeeters being able to fly well enough to land in one spot and feast communally.

We live in sunny San Diego Ca. and would like to know what's been eating us?
Thanks for your thoughts.

What do you think?



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Why do mosquitoes bite more than once in the same place?
« Reply #1 on: 23/07/2009 15:17:48 »
Perhaps you're not as seet and lovely (to mozzies) as you think. Perhaps they land on your skin, try it, don't like the taste then try two or three nearby sites. After which they fly off in disgust.


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Re: Why do mosquitoes bite more than once in the same place?
« Reply #2 on: 18/02/2016 18:37:51 »
Glen, I face the same scenario. Sometimes when I disturb it, it flies off and then returns to he same exact spot. I am fairly certain it is the same perpetrator. I have also noticed that they tend to bite around the top of the hour and lately I have spotted extremely anorexic mosquitoes ans even tiny ones hardly 1point5 millimetres long. That is probably why you don't notice them.


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Re: Why do mosquitoes bite more than once in the same place?
« Reply #3 on: 25/02/2016 17:43:22 »
It probably is a mosquito. Only the female feeds on blood when it needs it for its developing eggs. Once gorged it will rest for a few days before biting again.

If disturbed during feeding, it may move on and bite again. If trapped in clothing, it may well bite in the same area again. It is also suggested that the anti-coagulant the mosquito injects may not be entirely successful, so it may move a short distance from one bite site to try again.
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