Missing members?

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Missing members?
« Reply #50 on: 27/07/2009 21:34:45 »
Sorry, I've been missing again. I've been trapped in a pub in Manchester whilst my son takes part in console combat, an event designed for nerds into old games consoles and programming in machine code. Luckily the Tour de France was on in an upstairs room and the Guiness was excellent.
We also went to a special history of gaming exhibition at the Urbis museum. I haven't been to Manchester since before the grotty bits were blown up by the IRA. The place has really changed and it is turning into a brilliant city. I'm now staying at Mum and Dads and have come onto the forum to escape the soap watching marathon that my parents do most nights.
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Missing members?
« Reply #51 on: 28/07/2009 00:51:56 »
LOL...Welcome back!

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