The Big Rip !..What;'s it all about ?

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The Big Rip !..What;'s it all about ?
« on: 25/07/2009 20:08:10 »
Dearest TNS Bods of Kudos Extraordinaire !

As a sheepy I am of course ewes-ed to having ripped off panties and bras thrown at me by eager compliant girlies !..It's tough I know !

So, ewe can imagine my surprise when someone told me that in a well long time....maybe even longer than a 100 years...that the whole Universe could very well just rip itself to pieces...which is not nice !!

look here :

The Universe Is A Jigsaw ?

oh my !! must be true because it's right there in the picture !...seems that there's some stuff called Dark Energy (Isn't that like one of my wifeys farts at night ?)......and this Dark energy will just keep pushing until everything is just ripped apart...even atoms..and they are well small...(smaller than a salt !)..and that the very fabric of space itself will rip to pieces !

Cripes !!..I am worried !....I have booked the Goombay Dance Band to perform at daughtys wedding in ten years time....they just need to come out of the cryogenic deep freeze. Will I have time to do this ? questions are...If the Universe is a big jigsaw..what will be left when all the pieces have been ripped apart  ?...where, now, is the ' thing' that will be left ?...what is it ?...If the Universe encompasses everything..then....?????? can it rip apart ?

Oh my poor aching head !

As  a firm believer in empirical study I went and asked my sister-in-laws new baby as it has a starry-lighty thing that lights up her bedroom !...all she did was coo..burp and then I think she farted and then giggled !...........well.....I'm convinced !!

..Is there another answer perhaps ?

Hugs & shmishes

mwah mwah mwah !

Worried As To How Many Pieces The Universal Jigsaw Has
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The Big Rip !..What;'s it all about ?
« Reply #1 on: 26/07/2009 10:19:37 »
I think that the 'Big Rip' is mostly just about people seeking attention by saying outlandish things.

There are certainly still things about the universe that we don't yet understand and 'Dark Energy' is one of the more implausible explanations for some of those things.

Dark Energy hasn't even really been defined and no one really knows what it's supposed to be.  Saying that Dark Energy is responsible for this, that, or the other is a bit like saying x + y = 5, when you don't actually know the values for x and y.  This doesn't stop some people from doing it though.

Having said that, if we accept that the universe was created then it would seem that logically, it could be destroyed.  However, I can't think of anything within the universe that could bring this about as anything that happens within the universe would still be contained by it; it would instead have to be external to our universe, which opens a whole new shipping container of worms.
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