Is time the medium for light transmission?

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Is time the medium for light transmission?
« on: 25/07/2009 20:28:55 »
After reading about relativity and light speed mechanics etc. in the Fabric of the Cosmos for the first time I came across the cool and easy to understand basic workings of light. I read about how most waves have mediums but electromagnetic waves including light don't have a medium. However, I also had an annoying idea that goes against the conclusion stated in the book that was reached by Einstein. What if light's medium is, in fact, time? Maybe the reason light is going so fast is the only way it can exist and move is if time is stopped. Of course this sounds absurd, but I had to get it off my mind and get input from other people.
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Re: Is time the medium for light transmission?
« Reply #1 on: 26/07/2009 10:31:51 »
I don't think that time is any more of a medium than space is, and in fact the two shouldn't really be thought of in totally different terms but rather as a single unified spacetime, space and time being just two aspects of the same single thing.

It is possible though, to twiddle things around a bit so that while we see light passing through space, the light just sees itself (were it to have a 'view') as being spatially stationary and only moving through time.  Even so, there's still no medium though.
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