My idea of how the cure to colorblindness may look like into the future

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The nanotechnology injected into eye modifying the several cells info and chemical info within the cones and the optic nerve cells by modifying the color code information within the cells and replacing information by changing it code along with the duplication of undamaged optic nerves cell replacing the damaged cells. There should be some sort of modification to many cells that allows thickening and slowing down of the fluids in order to prevent glaucoma from further damaging the color vision.The modification should be the arrangement of its nucleotides and it genetic codes within the eye by using several experiment of how certain modification to the genes affects the color vision and how certain modification may allow to convert one color code to another code.  Although it may be injected into the eye, it also should be injected into the brain finding out how the color code go into the brain which allows the nanotechnology to determine how they receive it and how they should fix it using changes within the brain. This cure has never been developed and might be possible within an few years as it has been observed that technology develops very fast and nanotechnology may get to the point where the nanotechnology may be able to do this.If studies of the eye and the brain has been seen along with chemical information and cell information need to allow the brain to receive certain color code and the nanotechnology actually find the information first, then it may be possible to develop this technology to cure colorblindness. If we were going to cure people that have 2 color cones active, then we should get the nanotechnology to allow to find how to split that one cone into half and allow the optic nerve to split into half along with genetic cells duplication in order to complete the optic nerve while repairing the damaged part of the cells using duplication of the fine cells to replace it along with an inject of the brain to allow the nanotechnology to determine how does the person receive the color. The certain cones should be duplicated being slight modified while the optic nerve ratio gets an slight bigger or lower in order to allow the brain to receive the information into the brain right after the optic nerves cells have been repaired. There should be something that can get inside the optic nerves when it is completed having the chemical information inside the optic nerves releasing it. Since it has been observed that there are people with sex chromosome difficulty and my idea to repair it is allowing the injection to give the necessary sex chromosome in order to fix part of the possible deficiency and along with genetic modification. All of this should be done using surgery and there will pictures coming up on the steps of doing this in 4 days.

I ain't a scientist, but someone who think outside the box thinking of something that have never been done before trying to learn how the world is like. By the way, sorry for the wall of text.
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By the way, sorry for the wall of text.
Feel free to edit it down into readable paragraphs.
Observe; collate; conjecture; analyse; hypothesise; test; validate; theorise. Repeat until complete.