Hyperelasticity of the Skin (Stretchy Skin)

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Hyperelasticity of the Skin (Stretchy Skin)
« on: 15/08/2005 21:59:29 »
Is this quite a common condition ?...does it cause any obvious problems ? ie: increased sensitivity !..is it generally localised to a particular part of the body ?

Stretch my imagination and expand my knowledge...thanks

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Re: Hyperelasticity of the Skin (Stretchy Skin)
« Reply #1 on: 20/08/2005 17:57:11 »
Ahh......Hyperelastic skin, also known as India Rubber skin (lol[:)]), my teacher briefly talked about this before summer holiday.
There's some information about this stuff on http://www.ptjournal.org/PTJournal/April2000/v80n4p386.cfm, it talks about a patient with this syndrome that's being examined on the website but to point out the obvious problems, it causes skin to be easily bruised, heal poorly, form "cigarette paper" scars, and joints that are unusually flexible (hyperflexible/hypermobile).

Hyperelasticity of the skin occurs as a result of the production of abnormal collagen fibers.
Collagen is a fibrous, insoluble protein that makes up much of the body's connective tissue.
A common cause of hyperelastic skin is Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
Other diseases that may cause easily stretchable skin include Marfan syndrome, pseudoxanthoma elasticum, osteogenesis imperfecta, cutis laxa, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and sun-related changes of older skin.

I dont consider it as a common nor rare condition, but just something some people get blessed/cursed with! (lol[:)])

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For those who havenít seen this yet, it's a must view!!!!


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