Can stem cells be used for spinal cord repair?

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Robert Schreib

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Can stem cells be used for spinal cord repair?
« on: 29/07/2009 20:30:04 »
Robert Schreib asked the Naked Scientists:
   Dear Sir,

If PNET (Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumours) are like EVIL stem cells, that grow uncontrollably inside the brain and spinal cord, then, could we cure SCIs (Spinal Cord Injuries) by taking PNETs cells removed surgerically, and growing them en masse, in a big vat in the lab, and then crush and rankle and centrifuge them down, to derive a super-concentrated 'Bio-Synergizer' drug, that we can inject directly into SCIs sites, to induce an EXPLOSIVE re-growth of spinal cord tissue, to re-connect their spinal cords, and restore mobility in these paralysed patients, WITHOUT giving them tumors or cancer which injecting cells directly from PNETs would?

Best Regards, Robert G. Schreib Jr.
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Can stem cells be used for spinal cord repair?
« Reply #1 on: 31/07/2009 07:40:52 »
I had watched a show about Christopher Reves and the efforts that are moving in this area forward, about two years ago, before he died anyway! There had been some advances in that area with at that time some small sucesses with some people experiencing small steps forward in the reconstruction of spinal cord injuries with stem cell treatments.. I would be interested in how much more advanced these have become.

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