Best Universities for Studying M.sci in Physics (Plz guys help me to choose 1 )

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Best Universities for Studying M.sci in Physics (Plz  guys help me to choose 1 )?

Hi guys this me SBC / Kiran !!
I am going to apply for UK universities ...

Well long back I posted a question related to this. but now I really need to select the good university in UK(or may be US too ?). PLZ help me( in suggesting right way ). I want to do Theoretical Physics. (as Soul Surfer said about math"you should be good at math to go for this field " ........Now I am good @ math ) this is my final year in Math physics and computers ..

Theoretical Physics is what I want to study.I am thinking that it covers all the fields in Physics(am I correct ? does Theoretical physics covers all the fields ?) cos I want to study all the fields in physics. Now it's time for me to take choices. cos I am applying for good University. so, any suggestions for me ?
I am really good @ physics. (I am not a pro like you guys but good at it !?)   

I am confused to choose which field would be better for me ?
I love all fields in physics. If I take only astrophysics .. I might get worried about other fields in physics.   

1.Plz suggest me Which field I need to take ...(But I want to study all in Physics)?

2.Plz suggest me Which country is the best for Physics UK/USA ? (I am going to write both the exams IELTS and GRE )

3.Plz Help me ?(like any web links ?)

4.Does UK and USA accepts 15 Years of Education ?

5. plz give your own list of good universities so that I can send my scores through ETS and British council after writing GRE and IELTS !!

6. If not USA plz give me some info about UK !!

soon I will get some list of Universities from my educational consultant "Princeton Review"  so that it would help me in short listing the Universities.

7. Plz tell me more about career opportunities after completing my studies in UK. like jobs in Physics.


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For UK MSci courses, I'm assuming you mean the 4 year undergraduate masters, in which case the first thing you need to do is a bit of leg-work on the entrance requirements and what your current qualifications would be equivalent to under the UK system...
This website is I think the place for finding out about equivalent qualifications:
And UCAS has details of all undergraduate qualifications available in the UK.
You can search for physics courses there (there are about 50 institutions offering physics courses, some better than others), and find out about their entrance requirements etc.
Look at the departmental home pages, if you're interested (or think you might be) in an academic career in physics look for places with an active research department.
As an you'll presumably be an international student, you'll presumably need to look into the different fees charged too.