How can you soften water?

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Eric Berzack

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How can you soften water?
« on: 18/08/2009 09:30:03 »
Eric Berzack  asked the Naked Scientists:
Good Day

Hope you don't mind a question that I am very confused about.

The water in certain countries, or parts of countries, is often a very big problem in that the limescale or chalk causes huge problems by way of marking all metal and glass surfaces it comes into contact with.

The shower glass, for example, has to be dried and cleaned thoroughly immediately after it gets wet to prevent bad and difficult to remove stains from the dried water.
The same applies to taps and any wet surface in fact.
I have heard of water treatment units that help to reduce this problem but now have come across the following unit with the claims in the article below.

Would you be kind enough to comment as to if you think this can do what is claimed (as it is very expensive) or if you know of any good solution to this problem.
Thank you very much in anticipation......
Eric Berzack

What do you think?


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How can you soften water?
« Reply #1 on: 18/08/2009 09:56:56 »
I believe water softeners make use of Sodium Carbonate. This is a salt, and when added to "hard water", the Sodium will be replaced by Calcium, and the Calcium Carbonate can be filtered easily out of the water, leaving Sodium in the water, but Sodium does not affect the Hardness of water.
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