Politics is the engine of entropy

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Politics is the engine of entropy
« on: 07/09/2009 22:05:55 »

 Politics is the engine of entropy and it runs
 on emotion. Greed being the high octane preferred
 by the cynosures of the craft. Money greases the
 wheels of progress but not progressives. There is
 always an equal and opposite view. For a perfect
 world you first have to give up the notion. It is
 clarity of mind to avoid even thinking of politics.
 In this era where bad is good and good is bad not
 much is left of what we once regarded as sanity.
 Perhaps the little hominid hiccup that has run it's
 course on earth is either going to seed itself to
 the universe or flicker out like the last few clouds
 of vapor off a pot of camp fire beans. Don't be sad
 about the human race at least they got to run it.
 Pay attention to the sun. Very soon will be time
 to put on a pot of beans. If you are wise to nature
 you can use her to your advantage. But if abused
 she's worse than an Italian wife at that time of