Does anti-perspirant increase the risk of breast cancer?

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Margie Emmerson

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Margie Emmerson  asked the Naked Scientists:
I have just received an email claiming that using an anti-perspirant can possibly cause breast cancer.   Is there any proof of this.  I have been using an anti-perspirant for several years.  Looking forward to your reply.
Margaret Emmerson
South Africa

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Does anti-perspirant increase the risk of breast cancer?
« Reply #2 on: 06/10/2009 19:35:45 »
It's safest to assume that an important issue for your life will not arrive by unsolicited email.

Here is an answer concerning the very email you might have received.

If you've never been to snopes before you might have some fun reading there. Search on kfc and read the one about why they no longer use chicken in their company name.