Unknown Samples

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Unknown Samples
« on: 30/08/2005 22:52:46 »
I've got seven unknown samples and I need to identify them. Each sample corresponds to a solution of one of these anions (I'm not sure this is the write word in english...they got negative charges): NO3-, Cl-, Br-, I-,   SO4 -2, CO3 -2 and OH-. To do this, I can use distilled water, matches and the following solutions: Na+, Cu +2, Pb +2, Ba +2, NH4 +2, HCL, chlorine water and CHCl3 (chloroform).

What is the best way to get this problem solved? Why?

Waiting for an answer,

(sorry if I made some English mistakes...English is not my mother language...)


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Re: Unknown Samples
« Reply #1 on: 31/08/2005 03:19:31 »
This sounds like a homework problem.  :)
So here's my chemistry teacher answer...
Start by examining the solubilities of various compounds.  
Also, look at the reaction between chlorine and the halide ions, in the presence of a nonpolar solvent (it will likely be in your textbook under "halogen displacement" or "halogen replacement" or "metathesis" or their non-English equivalents).
By the way - the ammonium ion is monovalent (NH4 +).