Chocolate - food for thought

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Chocolate - food for thought
« on: 31/08/2005 14:48:15 »
How much do you like chocolate? What is it that you like about chocolate? Is it the taste? The texture? The feeling of it melting in your mouth?

Or is it because you are addicted to chocolate? You may actually be truly addicted to chocolate. Do you ever crave chocolate?

I know for a fact that I am addicted to Ben and Jerry's Phish food.

So what evidence is there to support this theory? Recently there was some research undertaken using a drug known as Naloxone Hydrochloride the proprietory name is Narcan.

This drug is a competitive opiod antagonist. It blocks all three opioid receptors equally and reverses the actions of opioid drugs such as morphine and diamorphine (heroin.)

In a recent study conducted with chocolate lovers, naloxone was administered to one group while a placebo was administered to a control group.

The group which received the naloxone stopped liking chocolate and no longer craved it.

The point: chocolate must be an opioid as the definition of an opioid is any substance whether endogenous or synthetic which produces morphine like effects which are blocked by antagonists such as naloxone.

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Kevin Fisher
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Re: Chocolate - food for thought
« Reply #1 on: 31/08/2005 22:29:32 »
this experiment needs a control for other foods. maybe it just keeps down food cravings.


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Re: Chocolate - food for thought
« Reply #2 on: 31/08/2005 23:11:45 »
here's a link to a BBC site about  chocolate

I love it....but I don't like plain chocolate...yeuuuchh !!

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