New Molluscum Treatment

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New Molluscum Treatment
« on: 17/09/2009 22:57:26 »
I have recently been using hydrogen peroxide on my molluscum again after 3 years of experimenting with everything else. Most everything I have tried has worked in a very small way put nothing was better than anything else other than tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide. With tea tree oil I had to use almost three times a day to make considerable headway. Hydrogen peroxide was the same way I put it it a spray bottle( just like I did with the apple cider vinegar ) and sprayed the molluscum. It would seem to foam up and turn the active lesions white but not all the lesions. After reading the bottle I found out that form the store it was only 3% hydrogen peroxide so i looked into getting some stronger HP.(at this point I was ready to shoot it off with a bazooka.) I found a product form the hair salon that was 12% HP. "clear developer 40 volume" (there is also a cream if you wanna use it that way) I have applied it with a spray bottle 3 times in one sitting (letting it dry in between) and 3 times in one sitting not the following day, but the next. It burns but nothing I can't handle. And it gets a little puffy for about an hour but I am seeing great results. If you can get all the lesions to turn really white a few times the virus dies. good luck.