Freemasons and science

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Freemasons and science
« on: 18/09/2009 09:58:29 »
                   Below is from pages #844- #845
                 Morals & Dogma of the Freemasons

On the Temples of Seth, Enoch, Solomon, and Hercules(*1) there was the symbols(*2)  in the Magian traditions of the universal law of the Equilibrium; and the Science of the Equilibrium or balancing of Forces.
   The Secret of the Sciences is that of Nature itself, the Secret of the generation of the Angels and Worlds,(*3) that of the Omnipotence of God. For six thousand years the Martyrs of Knowledge toil and die at the foot of this tree, that it may again become the Tree of Life.
   Sympathy and Antipathy, Attraction and Repulsion,(*4) each a Force of nature, are contraries, in the souls of men and in the Universe of spheres and worlds; and from the action and opposition of each against the other, result Harmony, and that movement which is the Life of the Universe and the Soul alike. They are not antagonists of each other. The force that repels a planet from the Sun(*5) is no more an evil force, than that which attracts the Planet toward the central Luminary;(*6) for each is created and exerted by the Deity, and the result is the harmonious movement of the obedient Planets in their elliptic orbits, and the mathematical accuracy and unvarying regularity of their movements.

   There is, in fact, no Nothing, no void Emptiness, in the Universe. From the upper or outer surface of our atmosphere to that of the Sun, and to those of the       planets and remote Stars, in different directions, Science has for hundreds of centuries imagined that there was simple, void, empty Space. Comparing finite knowledge with the Infinite, the Philosophers know little more than the apes!

   In all that "void" space are the Infinite Forces of God,(*7) acting in an infinite variety of directions, back and forth, and never for an instant inactive. In all of it, active through the whole of its Infinity, is the Light that is the Visible Manifestation of God.(*8


 (*1) These are the first places that masonís did
        these drawings. With only symbols.

 (*2) Symbols was used long before a single Witten
        Word was at all, more are less the books of the

 (*3) Angels that go out to all worlds to teach.
        It was Angels Michael & Rafael that came
        here to give the masons their tools and
        teach them the Sacred Math. Six thousand
        years ago.

 (*4) This meaning gravity & antigravity.

(*5)  Antigravity

(*6) Gravity

(*7) This is the infinite interlocking of all
       Gravitational fields of all heavenly
       Bodies, known as the fabric of space.   
(*8) All throughout the fabric of space we
       see symbols of mankindís DNA. The
       Visible Manifestation of God.


  This illustration that was on the old temples is now and
Has been for 75 years on the back of the US one dollar bill.

  Take a piece of paper and cut out two little spheres and cover
the two US seals and put on one the word Earth and on the other
one put the word Sun.

  Then look at the edges of the now covered seals and you will see
the symbols of the little gravitational fields. Than look for the waves of water between the Earth and the Sun, these stand for the mass of each that the other pulls on.

  But, between these waves of water you will see little symbols of the two gravitational fields being blocked by another symbol. This means that
the fields of each Heavenly body will pull on each otherís mass, but at a given wavelength the fields will repeal each other.

  In the background you will see the interlocking of all of the Heavenly bodyís gravitational fields are shown as the fabric of space and you will see that all through out there is the symbols of Mankindís DNA.

  Now if you fold the dollar bill so as to have the two seals make a single sphere.

  Here you will see that the Earth is mostly covered with water and at the polls you will see that the ice caps are brought about by the fact that the magnetic fields dissipates heat at the poles. This also shows the tectonic plates have a fracture where the Moon was ejected out of the Earth, just as the Earth was ejected out of the Son. [See the USGS maps of the Earthís fault lines, and you will see the area south of Japan where the fault lines make a full cycle just the right size for the Moon ejection.]

  Oh, I have decoded much much more But, this is enough for right now.

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Einstein was right when he said that there is an equal and opposite reaction to all actions, including gravity. As he showed in his Cosmological Constant math.