Biology for non biology student !

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Biology for non biology student !
« on: 20/09/2009 09:23:41 »
Biology for non biology student !
Hi, My name is Kiran and I am studying
-Computer science
-3d max ,animations, drawings & Electronics and many more

I love Biology too but the thing is that I don't want too advanced knowledge in it. I just wanna learn the basics of it like
-How Human body works ?
-How cells work ?
-How Human body immune system works ?
-How our body protects us ?
-How bacteria work ?
-How Virus attacks humans ?
-How Virus changes its structure ?(like H1N1)
-How evolution occurs in different species ?
-Animal facts !!

I just want to know daily science of Biology. I don't want to read a book on it, which contains difficult spellings of Biology.
I just want to know Every thing about Life !!
so, I wanna watch a cool documentary video
or Computer generated 3d animation .. which explains how stuff works inside our body!

My fav. biology TV programs are ..

Best one is - "Human Body pushing the limits" I love this show
1.David Attenborough's programs in Animal Planet (but no Animal planet channel now cos here its not broadcasting)     
2.The Most Extreme from animal planet
3.I shouldn't be alive !! from Discovery channel
4.Man Vs. Wild
5.Body basics & Naked Scientist podcast !!

Well I want more .. I love Nature and I wanna learn facts of each and every Animal.
guys do you have any names of Biology TV shows which are not boring ?
lol I am filling my brain with lots of science stuff .. but I just wanna know facts of Nature


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Biology for non biology student !
« Reply #1 on: 21/09/2009 14:56:55 »
House MD, ER or any other hospital series.
They're pretty realistic and entertaining
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