heart pain

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heart pain
« on: 10/09/2005 10:16:24 »
i'm trawling the net looking for info on heart pain and illness like flu/virus.
wondering if my pain is related to my curent illness (sore throat, sinus pain/block, runny nose, headache). any tests around for this?

i had earlier decided the pain was mainly due to consistent lack of sleep/rest, stress (i'm mum to a 1yr old who constantly infects me with childcare illnesses - guess i've got low immunity due to strain).
i noticed some posts about heart strain and stress.
this chimes with my opinion that i damaged my heart muscle by constant overtiredness.

an ecg i had gave a normal result, but i feel the pain, so i know there's damage.
the pain often recedes somewhat if i have peace, rest, sit down.
so i figure i can manage it to some extent. what choice do i have? my doctor is no help. i had to insist on an ecg, wait all week for a result, fearing the pain would turn into something terrible..(like, death).
i often feel pain in left chest past where the heart is, or radiating, and i'm wondering if it's the mammary artery or what? (i don't know much). is there a test for particular vessels?

others have mentioned to me they have had chest pains, been checked out and told they're fine..but hang on, we're feeling heart pain, so we're not fine - it must be just that the diagnostic tools only pick up extremely severe heart situations..? anyone know?

what else can i do to manage on my own? should i take aspirin daily in case it helps resolve pain? (if there's a clot in blood vessel..)

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Re: heart pain
« Reply #1 on: 12/09/2005 02:57:43 »
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Re: heart pain
« Reply #2 on: 12/09/2005 22:26:27 »
Cait.....please do not worry.....UKmicky might be right....have you considered that you may just suffer from really bad indigestion which is so easily misconstrude as a heart problem.......

Aspirin is certainly a useful drug to take as a blood thinner but only half a tablet a day...but then again...only if you really need it......and if you do have bad indigestion the aspirin will only agitate it more so.

Have you considered naturopathy and homeopathy ?.....else...try and see a different doctor for a second opinion....just for peace of mind eh ?...

Where do you get the idea that overtiredness can damage your heart muscle ?...if that's true then I should have quit the earth years ago ?.......I think you are definitely stressed and need to calm down..but please.........get a second opinion....even if you have to pay for it...........it'll be worth it to you and your family........try and relax..........learn yoga........meditation etc....calm down !!...(big huggy wuggys to you)

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