How can panic attacks be controlled, without medication?

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Most people think that to overcome panic and phobias, you are supposed to 'face your fears' Well that's a load of crap. The reason you feel panic is that a young part of you is terrified and doesn't trust the older parts of you to look after it. Forcing that young part to do something it clearly doesn't want to do will make the panic worse.

Try this: Next time you panic, remove yourself from whatever it is that's causing it. I panic on buses and trains, I don't force myself to take trains, if I take a bus, I say to that part, "If you want to get off, we will get off". When I go to the cinema / theatre, I pre-book an aisle seat, I find out where the exit is and I say to myself "If you want to leave, we'll leave" I have been doing this for several years now and it really works. I can sit in waiting rooms now, something I could never do before, because that young part of me knows that if it wants to get up and go, we will, without hesitation. It has learned to trust me. In turn, I can reason with it sometimes when I really want to stay and I can be really kind to it and even ask it to
try and be OK (this mostly works, but I still have work to do on this). I never take medication for panic, I think that this is really disrespectful to the parts of you that are trying to communicate, you just have to listen to them and eventually they will be less terrified, learn to trust you and panic attacks do get much less. I know that one day, I wont need to have them at all any more.

Good Luck!

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Re: How can panic attacks be controlled, without medication?
« Reply #1 on: 15/10/2009 22:16:25 »
I'm glad that you found your way to deal with this condition.

Panic disorder is cured really efficiently with psychotherapeutic methods (most successful are behavioral methods). As I know these methods doesn't involve overwhelming (some radical therapists use this in the treatment of phobias, but not panic disorder), slow, gradual exposure is more commonly used, but is by far not the only technique out there.


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Re: How can panic attacks be controlled, without medication?
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See, here's a nice example of what I'm suspecting for a long time already.
Our mind is more powerful than it looks at first glance.

I myself can suppress headaches, stomachaches, general small accident aches (like hitting your little toe against a chair or so [;)]) simply by having my brain tell my body the ache isn't real.

I wish you the best in the future jeckston and keep up the good work!
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