Can Vocal Chords Be Altered To Make An Old Person Sound Young ?

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Dearest Vocal-Chordologists,

As a sheepy , I of course have the voice of an angel and enjoy world wide success as a multi platinum award winning singer. Ewe may know some of my hits as "I'm Doing It In The Pen" and my all time greatest hit ballad "If Ewe Fleece Me I'll Be Your Cardigan"

A couple of nights ago I perchance watched 69 year old Smokie Robinson in concert on TV...and ...I was quite stunned at the youth of his voice. It was not like it was 30 years ago but it was enuff to really really impress.

Smokie (like me) enjoys the use of things called vocal chords...look, here's some.

Some Vocal Chords

..and here's Arbuthnot showing his orf too:

Arbuthnot Trying To Show His Vocal Chords Too !

Clearly with vocal training, people like Smokie and I will be able to sing pitch perfect for the next 150 years but for the majority...the singing voice deteriorates with age.

What are the factors that determine the deterioration of a singing voice ?..What is happening to the vocal chords and can they be " fixed" or altered to renew the voice back to the way it was ?

whajafink ?

hugs & Shmishes

mwah mwah mwah !!

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... can they be " fixed" or altered to renew the voice back to the way it was ?

Digitally perhaps ? ...

... the singing voice deteriorates with age.

Don't blues singers get better with age ? ...
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