Why shouldn't we re-freeze meat?

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Ian Mellor

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Why shouldn't we re-freeze meat?
« on: 29/10/2009 17:30:03 »
Ian Mellor  asked the Naked Scientists:
A question for you:
We are always taught from an early age that if meat has been frozen and then thawed, we should not re-freeze, because of the danger of food poisoning.

But what is the scientific reason for this?
My understanding is that freezing slows down the replication of bacteria, so what goes wrong the 2nd time the meat is frozen?

What do you think?


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Why shouldn't we re-freeze meat?
« Reply #2 on: 22/11/2009 18:13:26 »
I do not offer this as a scientific reason but while the meat is unfrozen, it picks up additional bacteria and they multiply to the point that, the second time it is thawed, it would be possibly very harmful.  Joe L. Ogan