How do automatic geyser controls work?

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How do automatic geyser controls work?
« on: 29/10/2009 20:30:03 »
Dee asked the Naked Scientists:
Due to the electricity crisis in South Africa we would like to turn our electric geyser off during the day, but have been told this is harmful to the geyser. 

If so, how do the automatic geyser controls work which one can purchase (at a cost of about R1600), surely they turn it on and off as well, or do they simply lower the temperature during the day? 

We have had so many different opinions and don't know what is best. 

Please help.

Kind regards


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How do automatic geyser controls work?
« Reply #1 on: 30/10/2009 08:31:07 »
When it comes to the economy of heating water in a geezer (or immersion heater UK) as and when required or keeping the water hot constantly, the jury is out. There are good arguments for both. I think it will, to the greater extent, depend on the individual's hot water usage.

But I cannot see how turning off your geezer can do it any harm. It is, after all, just a large version of an electric kettle and you don't keep that on all the time.

I do wonder if perhaps this was a myth put around by the power suppliers to help maintain their sales figures when power generation was not a problem to them. Perhaps, with the changing times and attitudes, they will have to changed their stance.
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