How does Ulexite transfer an image?

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How does Ulexite transfer an image?
« on: 30/10/2009 14:30:04 »
Chris Conley  asked the Naked Scientists:
I've been listening to the newbielink: [nonactive] over here in the States for years.  Thank you for producing such newbielink: [nonactive]!

A geologist friend of mine (please no jokes about my choice in friends, geologists tend to be very sensitive) ... a geologist friend of mine recently showed me a sample of Ulexite, commonly referred to as Television Stone.  When paced over a picture or printed material, the image seems to leap from the text to the surface of the crystal.  It's a pretty neat effect, but I have no idea what's going on.  Can you help me?

Thanks for your time, and thanks again for the newbielink: [nonactive]!

Chris Conley

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How does Ulexite transfer an image?
« Reply #1 on: 31/10/2009 17:22:09 »
The crystals of Ulexite, when very pure, act as natures own fiber optics. These crystals are long and thin. So when cut and polished they very easily transmit light along their long axis. As with any other optical quality material, purity is the most important factor for efficient light transmission. 

Ulexite is about the only complex crystal with boron in it.
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