What is Reversed Altitude sickness? (sickness at low altitudes)

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I know most people get elevation sickness going up to 8000-12000 feet, but what about elevation changes that go down?

My wife suffers terribly when we drop elevations.  We live at 5100 feet and a drop of 3000 feet or more makes her sore, tired, achy, and generally miserable.  She has diabetes, but it is in good control -- with sugars that range barely off normal (6.1 hba1c).  Her sugars remain in good control with these elevation changes, too. Additionally, as soon as we get home, she feels fine again.

Is this common?  What is this?  Is there a way to prevent it?  Heat seemed to help immediately, but once removed lost its positive influences.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Should she be seeing her doctor before vacations?
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