Might it be possible to share dreams with your fetus?

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 Is it possible to share a dream with your fetus?   And at what stage do you think the fetus starts dreaming?  I ask this because with my first pregnancy
I had a dream with an individual who I could not see, and "he" (just felt like a male) was flying beside me or we were both up very high looking down on a desolate landscape, desert like.  And we flew across these clear glass domes and the individual beside me said,  "This is how we live now.  We live under glass domes."   That dream occurred 39 years ago and I have remembered it all these years.  Also because I know two people can dream together.  My husband and I now married 42 years woke up instantly from a shared dream.  I was dreaming at the same time he was,  "We were walking across a parking lot and our three year old son Robert (who was at the time very hyperactive) broke away from our hands and raced into the path of an oncoming car.  Just as the car was about to hit him.  We both woke up yelling,  Did you see the car actually hit him?"  Needless to say, the fact that we both awoke from this frightening shared dream, was very stressful.  We had never had a dream together before, and never since.  In fact, we had never even mentioned our dreams to each other.  But after that night we kept an extra vigil on our young son, afraid that the dream might be a warning.  I am happy to say that son is now 35 and has had many ER trips but never been run over by a car.  But he has rolled a car (our new car in fact and totaled it)  but walked away unscathed.  Anybody?  I would love to hear from women currently pregnant.  I can't be the only pregnant woman who had a strange dream which she has remembered for 39 years!