Why Does My daughter Smell Funky ? (on behalf of carolyn)

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On behalf of Carolyn who can not access the site properly right now !

My daughter called last night to tell me that for the last 4 days, her skin has a sickeningly sweet odor and it's making her sick to her stomach and giving her headaches.  She is away at college, but was home for the weekend and I didn't notice any unusual odor on her, and her roommate can't smell anything out of the ordinary either.  She is about 100lbs overweight and is dieting.  About a week ago she saw a doctor regarding her weight and was prescribed the drug A_dipex (which I am also taking).  The doctor ordered some blood tests to check her insulin, thyroid, etc. but the results are not in yet.
Any ideas what could be causing this?
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Why Does My daughter Smell Funky ? (on behalf of carolyn)
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A sudden change in smell reception could be neurological, but then everything should smell different.

Have her smell some typical odors like strawberries or chocolate. If these things smell different as well, you might want to let the doctor know
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Why Does My daughter Smell Funky ? (on behalf of carolyn)
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The ketone smell of diabetes smells like pear-drop sweets / nail varnish remover (acetone).

You can buy urinalysis dipsticks from the pharmacy to test for ketones & glucose in urine.

Ketones [in urine/breath/sweat]

    * Occurs in diabetic ketoacidosis, pregnancy and following starvation or rapid weight loss.


So her crash diet could be the cause.
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