A look into physical transactions of the brain and Fermi-Dirac Statistics

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I take a look into Doctor Fred Alan Wolfs new Theoretical Paper (ref to the paper given in the last footnote (1)) and analyse the importances of his theory, and why he may have designed it in such a fashion. As audacious as his theory is, i speculate an equally-new radicalized idea concerning no use of tachyons in his paper, but rather invoke a new set of mechanisms which i hope to show solutions to the ''action-at-a-distance'' problem, given originally the terminology by the late and great Albert Einstein in concordance of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox or abbrev. (EPR)-Paradox.

Part One

The Quantum Mind (of God?)

So does the mind work according to classical laws of physics, or can the fundamental aspect hold gems for the theory of the mind and how consciousness, subconsciousness and awareness come into play?

This is a contending question and an area of physics which have quite a spectrum of scientists working in this area to be the first to quell this question once and for good.

Neuronal activity is not exactly quantum related on the non-classical sense, so neuronal theory of brain function and its resultant conscious state - the underltying question in the contentions made, is whether the effects of protons, nuetrons and electrons have any influence over our conscious appearance of states. Fred Alan Wolf not so long ago published a rather astounding and audacious theory which mathematically-unites a plausible mechanism to the unification of the human experience, with that of a universal mind (1). I admire him so much for being so bold to propose the theory, hut very few scientists could even deny that his theory is not scientifically-plausible - the boundaries we give ourselves when reading the work is really just an act of dogmatic and crannied-like reflection on our behalfs. I can give many reasons to proove why, but i simply don't have enough time to cover the topics in this essay.

An arguement i have made independantlty of reading Wolf's paper (1) 3 years ago, that even if the brain can be explained from a classical sense, the classical mechanisms (nuerons ect.) all still have an even elementary component in the form of quarkian activities, so the eigenstates of a neuron ultimately do dependant on local and non-local interactions of the quark make-up of nucleons - so the arguement to whether the mind operates classically only becomes completely erreneous since the states of the classical workings depend primarily on the quantum states operating their internal structures. So the mind not only uses the classical mediators of molecules/neurons, but it also means that quantum interactions keep the neurons acting as mediators - systaining them if you like for the emergent phenom of conciousness and awareness, and that deep and mysterious non-cogent state of unconsciousness and possible existence of a collective unconsciousness.

No longer, according to these assumptions really equated from a pure deduction of logic, the scientists who argue over a classical or non-classical model are only partially right. The mind actually requires both.

(1) http://www.fredalanwolf.com/myarticles/Quantum%20Field%20Theory.pdf - Here Wolf boldly asserts the existence of negative-energy particles of the form with superluminal qualities that mediate a universal mind which can be interpreted as a God-Field of an All-Conscious, One-Mind state. It's clever, but you do require an open mind to the controversial elements required to make his excellent theory work.


The Strong Classical and Non-Classical Unification

Another quantum-related configuration entangled within the existence of classically-mechanized objects exists within the interconnected relationships that require the mapping of a complete description of systems using the measure of thw wave function.

The wave function of fundamental matter actually measures not only the ''infinitessimally-small'' (2) particles like electrons, but also entire galaxies. This has a mathematical description called ''a State Vector'' and its a vector state measured using the wave function, which can measure galaxies, supergalaxies, clusters of supergalaxies and to the entire universe. An arguement of a quantum level (such as electrons and protons and nuetrons) making the atoms which construct nuerons are all required to have a fundamental wave function which ''comprises'' the sturcture of the nueron, which in turn operates as a description of the eigenstates which are projected from its wave function of possibilities. So in a more simpler form, the ''adding up of all'' the wave function activities of the electrons and nucleons inside of the atoms which make the nueron is itself what comprises the energy level state of the nueron, permeability of electrical signals, and in a greater whole, determines whether that nueron is required or not depending on whatever activity is present within the material brain.

This is a very strong arguement, and i would assume there is really no ''misunderstanding'' on my behalf, because i cannot find any quantum-related subject to mind which could invalidate the above comments sufficely.

(2) Since there is really no upper limit to how large a macroscopic body can be, there is actually a limit when reaching the size of an electron, where it seems to have almost no structure at all. Its pointlike, meaning its a non-dimensional system, and truth be told it seems you can't seem to get anything smaller, so scientists have likened to naming particles of pointlike size (infinitessimal). I guess this might have the fact that whilst there is a lower limit, the upper limit can extend into infinity. A similar relationship is how when the electron is being observed, can be found to have a lowest ground state energy, but as soon as someone looks away, the electron theoretically ''should have'' an infinite amount of energy.

The Weak Classical and Non-Classical Unification

When a photon of light hits off the retina, changes occur inside
of the cells located in the retina. What the eye has ''caught'' is in fact a two dimensionsional image. A molecule called the Cis-Retinal undergoes a physical change into Trans-Retinal. This is itself not a chemical change, but rather a spatial difference or shift within the molecule itself. This ultimately changes a protien located that is present within these cells, and this protein attaches to another protein because of an actual chemical reaction in the original protein.
Molecules are then cut in half, which in turn causes electrochemical imbalances, where certain electric channels are cut
off. This final event is then transportedthrough electrolytes in the nervous system to the brain itself. The most amazing part of all of this is that the original two dimensional capturing of the image is then [[somehow]] transconfigurated into the three dimensional phenomena of perception. This baffles scientists as we are not entirely sure as to how the brainis capable of such a reconfiguration. The cell inside the eye which had captured that original photon then requires to rebuild itself for if it could not, then wecould only use such a cell in the retina once. Some of the cells contained within the eye will be used for color perception, and others for the abstract shades ofblack and white perception. 

The arguement is quite simple. A photon certainly has a non-classical description, since its a quantum object just as influenced under non-classical rules as all of the fundamental particles of the standard model, so their interaction alone is itself a quantum related-subject when it reaches our eyes, more specifically, the retina. After all those quantum chemical changes and eventual signalling to the brain, the quantum photon still had that influence over the new-projected information we holographically-observe within our neural networks. So as a weaker arguement, you can say you cannot neglect the influence of that single photon and then say the mind operates soley is an emergent phenomena of consciousness.


Part Two will come soon.
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