Where is Love in the brain?

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Where is Love in the brain?
« on: 14/11/2009 00:30:04 »
Peter Richardson asked the Naked Scientists:
Where is Love in the brain?

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Where is Love in the brain?
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Amygdalae ...

Amygdala: Involved in signaling the cortex of motivationally significant stimuli such as those related to reward and fear in addition to social functions such as mating.

Monkey mothers who had amygdala damage showed a reduction in maternal behaviors towards their infants, often physically abusing or neglecting them.
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Where is Love in the brain?
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*edit* oopsy not supposed to post links without an explanation, my bad! soooo for the above:

Long-term bonding between mates is rare in mammals. It may be regulated by the same brain mechanisms as those involved in maternal bonding. For instance, pair bonding in the female monogamous prairie vole is stimulated by oxytocin released in the brain during mating. A female prairie vole rapidly becomes attached to the nearest male if her brain is infused with oxytocin. The hormone interacts with the reward and reinforcement system driven by the neurotransmitter dopamine

The notion that pair bonding in humans may have evolved through a tweaking of the brain mechanisms underlying maternal bonding could explain certain unique characteristics of human sexuality
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"Suppose there's a significant proportion of people who are born because their parents were incompetent at using contraception. If there’s a genetic tendency to be incompetent or fumble at the crucial moment, then there would be, by definition, natural selection in favor of contraceptive ineptitude"