How does Spotify work?

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How does Spotify work?
« on: 15/11/2009 16:28:00 »
It describes itself as streaming service, but I can easily skip between tracks and instantly load the beginning, middle or end of tracks. How is this possible if it's streaming? Unless it is extremely quick (as in, instant load) I just don't see how this is possible. I'm using the internet at the University of Leeds, but it's not particularly rapid (I did a and it's 4.1Mb downstream and 0.5Mb upstream)
Anyone know why I can access the music as though it's on a local medium?
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How does Spotify work?
« Reply #1 on: 15/11/2009 16:34:14 »
Well, what's the bitrate of the audio? From the speed of the connection that seems reasonable enough.


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How does Spotify work?
« Reply #2 on: 18/11/2009 14:51:54 »
I have a Youtube account, but i dont know how to make a video and upload it onto the internet, so i fave. Would anyone explain to me the basics??