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Hi. I hope someone can help with this because I am at a loss...
I have 2 printers I use alternately, depending on my needs, and both worked with no problem. They are a Dell 720 and a Brother MFC 420 All in One. I only have one installed at a time, directly connected to my pc (Compaq) via a USB.

Also connected to my computer is my cable modem and a Linksys router. I have a wireless laptop on the network and just added an Aspire1 netbook a couple weeks ago. We all run Windows XP SP3.

Around Xmas, the Dell was installed and printing fine one minute. The next minute, it began printing blank pages. The inks were checked-- replaced even--the settings checked--etc. But still "printed" blank sheets. I then connected Brother (after disconnecting Dell). It made whirring sounds and spat out a blank sheet. Checked everything, etc. Same thing.

The pc was running slowly --really acting strangely. Then I couldn't access Microsoft's site, files disappeared, McAfee disappeared, etc. My daughter's laptop started acting weird too and crashed.

Disconnected all peripherals from the pc. Disinfected pc and laptop. Applied patches. Malwarebytes, AVG, Superantispyware finally read clean. Connected back to router.

Tried yesterday to hook up Dell printer. Installed and same thing happened--blank sheets printed out. Only now, no printer icon was present. I was in Dell Troubleshooting when warning message of Need to Close to prevent possible virus infection (Or very similar message) appeared. Then pc froze. I shut off pc. Disconnected/uninstalled printer. Ran malware scan, which came up clean.
Tried the Brother. Same no-printing story. Only now, in addition, I got Need Cleaning msg. which won't go away or reset.

How strange is it that two printers misbehave at the same time and in such similar ways?
***How do I get either printer--Dell preferably-- to print??
I feel so aggravated...I am at a loss..


Both are warranty-expired and both manufacturers' websites are of no help.
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Hmmm, that is indeed strange. Have you tried to print from more than one application to rule out something wrong with the application you're using?


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Try the printer self tests - generally holding a defined set of keys and turning printer power on. This prints out a test page direct from the printer, without the PC being involved. This will exonerate the printer. If this works, then you need to download the latest version of the printer drivers from the manufacturers website. As to the malware, best is to back up all data and format drive and reinstall XP from a disk, either the Microsoft disk or the restore disk that came with the PC. Nothing else works, just a pain and time waste. First thing after installing is to run Windows update and install all updates ( may take a few hours and a few reboots, install Firefox and Windows live essentials as well, comes with a free AV from MS, that is not too annoying) before doing anything else. Then restore your data and install latest printer drivers. Get a USB hub to connect both printers at same time if you don't have spare USB ports.

This will take time, and is a pain, but no malware scanner running on the PC can be trusted to tell the truth at all about infection, too easy to give a false OK, as the malware authors write code to hide itself well.


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I agree a lot of time and effort can be wasted trying to sort out defective software, it is often better to 'bite the bullet' hit reformat and make a fresh start (but make sure you have saved all your vital data first!).