Musings of a Physics Student

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Musings of a Physics Student
« on: 17/11/2009 14:38:43 »
These are not essays. I wrote them the three years i attended college.

There are seven in all. Enjoy, hopefully  [:P]

Musings of a Physics Student; on the investigations of the paradoxical riddles which plague the big bang


Life to me, is not rigidly seen as mere products of carbon formalities, but the quantum world is the base upon which these formalities can exist in. The
Antipathy of understaning the entennable and also increadible idea that life has the opportunity to have a self-reflective share on this spacetime metric on a
miniscule amount of mass as though darkened on a magicians stage. With all the acts, physical, non-physical, thoughts and feelings are all vibrations from some
past tuning we call ''ironically'' the big bang. Everything, from the make-up of macroscopic objects to those a level and another level lower to that, a cascade
of audacious particles all suffering the loss of each other.

Suffering the loss of each other? What am i talking about?

Particles are very stable in some conditions with other particles. If the order suffices a complex bio-system, then something quite remarkable has occurred.

Consider a universe which has a predetermined map, or blue-print, and the random set of particles so that life could occur (which is on the superfluous scale of 10^10^123),
that there be just the correct coherence properties between them (1) THAT there seemed ultimate desire is to cause ''connectivity'' (2) rather than Doctor Wolf, who
opposes the idea that electron-anti-electron collision release trapped photons - desiring to reform back to thermal energy. But as i also recall in Chemistry in JW.College,
that the overall conclusion of most chemists believe that all atoms and gasses (there are six noble gases) wish to reach their point of nobility which is when they
become un-reactive which is given as a short hand for s^2p^6 for chemically-inhert qualities. They can, if you wish to analogize them, they have been fed, and are now
satisfied: this is why and with due respect, i believe Freds idea's on what the universe is really desiring cannot be true on a quantum level.

If the universe desired to return to its boring ground state at t=1, there would not be any more order: it would be an obsolete consideration. On our scale, it's almost
as if particles have 'ultimtely strived' to reach a self-reflective state within the vacuum (organisms which can think, and observe - since we are part of the universe,
it's almost as if its a design so the universe can define and observe Herself.) For these original particles to struggle to cohere at all with all the weir goings-on
in the early (hotter) universe was astounding that their coorinates could truely have been planned/vibrated into what we may call destiny.

In regards to a coherent universe (see 3 also for extra information of particle coherence), somehow out of which supposedly no order could top (an absolute order of
perfect conditions) (4) - biofields cover all life. Why can not then there be an all-permeating field which governs life itself?

(1) - It was Fred Hoyle who jokingly called this event by this name, since the big bang was not big at all, nor did it have any presence of a bang (noise).
(2) -
(3) - Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, ''Spiritual Universe; the thoughts of a quantum physicist''
(4) - The perfect pure infinite density, undisturbed and non-entropic, or it could have contained a miniscule amount.

''God could not have had much time on His hands when he formed the Planck Lengths.''

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