Does mucus help bacteria?

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Does mucus help bacteria?
« on: 18/11/2009 21:09:34 »
There is a bacterial growth in my pool called pink/red algae.  Around the hidden spaces (like pumps and grates)there is something which looks like human mucus which seems to be the epicenter for the bacterial growth.  Does bacteria need this mucus matrix to spread, and if so, is that why we produce more mucus when we are sick as human beings?


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Does mucus help bacteria?
« Reply #1 on: 18/11/2009 22:03:21 »
It's "Slime" or "biofilm" rather than "mucus" ...
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Does mucus help bacteria?
« Reply #2 on: 19/11/2009 01:15:02 »
Just want to add that the purpose of mucus is to get rid of bacteria [:)] having it in a sticky medium makes it easier to cough (or otherwise move, usually by cilia - small hairs on cells lining your throat) out, or swallow large amounts of bacteria at one time, saving the white blood cells from doing the entire job.
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Does mucus help bacteria?
« Reply #3 on: 20/11/2009 02:06:41 »
That makes good since so the sludge/phlegm I am coughing up now is full of bacteria from the infection in my chest eh?

so what happens when ones chest and lungs are full but there is not a productive cough to bring this crude up with... so what if there is no slime to help express the bacteria?

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